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Our Stories


Our Stories

Meet Joey

Joey was diagnosed with moderate severe sensorineural hearing loss in both ears within her first week of life. Her family immediately reached out to Clarke School for Hearing and Speech. “We were provided with so much support to help guide us through the process of figuring out insurance, early intervention, getting hearing aids, finding doctors and beginning in-home services,” said Julie, Joey’s mom. In January 2023, Joey began Clarke’s early toddler program to attend school one day a week and learn alongside her new Clarke friends.

“We have seen so much growth in Joey!” notes Julie. “She is wearing her hearing aids every day and loves experiencing different sounds ranging from her dog Snoop’s many noises to her brother Jordan singing at the top of his lungs.” Joey’s family reports that she is excited every morning to put in her hearing aids and master new words and short phrases with determination. Her latest phrase accomplishments are “Hi dada!” and “More please!” Joey is also quickly becoming an expert in animal noises with very realistic and ferocious ‘roars’ and ‘woofs.’

Joey has also improved her comprehension skills and loves to show off how much she can listen and understand the conversations around her. “We have been passionate about Clarke for many years now,” said Julie who is a member of Clarke’s Board of Trustees. “We are so thankful to Clarke and our teacher of the deaf for helping our family and Joey to reach amazing developmental milestones!”

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