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Audiology Services

Meeting the ongoing hearing needs of Clarke families and the broader community

Clarke’s experienced staff and partners support the audiology care of infants, children and adults.

Audiology Services

Clarke offers audiological services and support including:

Additional services are offered at the Massachusetts-based Clarke Hearing Center, as well as through local partnerships with hospitals.


Clarke works with individuals with hearing loss, and their families and caregivers, to provide increased access to sound and optimized auditory experiences in their homes and learning environments.

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Everette was one-and-a-half months old when he was identified with hearing loss and the doctor recommended Clarke for services. Clarke helped with audiology, getting hearing aids and connecting us with other hearing services and parents.

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Don’t go anywhere else for hearing aids. Your ears deserve the best.

Our Stories


Meet Shaw, a recent high school graduate with hearing loss who will be playing Division III field hockey this fall!

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Meet Chloë, a motivated eight-year-old with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss who was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type 1a.

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Meet Gio, who was born with profound sensorineural hearing loss and loves to swim.

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Recent Clarke News

Shawn Naugle

Clarke Announces New CEO & President, Shawn Naugle

Clarke’s new CEO and President, Shawn Naugle, will join Clarke mid-July 2024.  Shawn comes to Clarke with more than 17 years of experience in non-profit leadership management, including a focus on advocating for the rights of children from many populations.  Shawn‘s

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