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Preschool / Early Childhood Program

Hands-on learning environments led by masters-educated staff

Clarke’s customized preschool and early childhood classes prepare children who are deaf or hard of hearing, ages three to eight, for success in mainstream schools.

Preschool / Early Childhood Program

Learning as a Family

During the preschool and early childhood years, the family continues to be the most influential presence in a child’s life. While Clarke’s preschool and early childhood students are learning to observe actively and interact with new concepts and people, their parents and other family members are learning too. Parents, grandparents and other adults in the child’s life find a support network of families and professionals at Clarke where they can share and learn.

Families learn strategies to support language development through play, speech and listening activities, and share experiences and questions with other families in a supportive environment.

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Curriculum and Classroom

Classes are led by experienced professionals

Clarke's experts are trained in early childhood education, speech-language pathology, education of the deaf and the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) approach. All Clarke educators hold advanced degrees in specialty areas, and children receive daily auditory speech and language therapy provided by speech-language pathologists and teachers of the deaf.

Classroom activities are designed to enhance children’s listening, speech, language and pre-literacy skills

Classroom activities are designed to enhance children’s listening, speech, language and pre-literacy skills while supporting their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. Children engage in intellectual problem solving, discovery, exploration, reasoning and experiential activities in a joyful nurturing environment. Classrooms are designed for the unique acoustical needs of children with hearing loss, and curriculum is aligned with state and national standards.

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Families form partnerships with Clarke’s experienced staff to create a supportive team dedicated to the success and development of each child.

Success in mainstream schools
Success in mainstream schools
In our Preschool / Early Childhood Programs, children who are deaf or hard of hearing are readied for success in mainstream schools as early as possible
Students meet goals
Students meet goals
Students meet goals set forth in their Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or an Individualized Education Program (IEP), which are federally-mandated plans guiding the development and education of children who are disabled

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