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Clarke's Resources

Whether you are the guardian of a newly diagnosed infant or a college student learning about communication disorders, Clarke is here to answer your questions and support your quest for information. Hearing health and the education of children who are deaf or hard of hearing are evolving fields. Clarke leaders deliver a continuum of services to support children and adults with hearing loss, while also participating in research projects and best-practice sharing.

Clarke's Publications

Clarke’s publications include the Clarke Speaks Up Blog, the Hear Me Out Blog, Mainstream News and the Impact Report, among others.

Clarke Speaks Up Blog

Families and professionals rely on Clarke Speaks Up  to learn about uplifting stories from the Clarke community and up-and-coming news from a leader in the field. 

Talking About Florida

A quarterly newsletter that serves as a resource for families and professionals.

Mainstream News

Clarke publishes Mainstream News online three times per year (fall, winter, spring) as a resource for educators and families.

Impact Report

An annual snapshot of Clarke’s work and community of support

Past Issues

Clarke Speaks Magazine

Find past issues of Clarke’s annual magazine, highlighting the programs, services, families and professionals who make the Clarke community so vibrant!

Clarke Connection

Access past issues of Clarke’s bi-monthly newsletter.

Hear Me Out Blog

Explore information and insights shared by Clarke’s Mainstream Services team, tailored to itinerant teachers and other professionals working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. While we do not anticipate publishing new posts here, professionals will find numerous informative articles and resources on the blog. 

Featured Podcasts

Listen to Clarke experts share their knowledge on various shows like Hearing Matters Podcast, Future Ear Radio Podcast, Child Life on Call Podcast, On the Ear: An Audiology Podcast and more!

Clarke's How-to Video Collection

Watch and share helpful videos for maintaining hearing assistive technology from the experts at the Clarke Hearing Center.

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Shawn Naugle

Clarke Announces New CEO & President, Shawn Naugle

Clarke’s new CEO and President, Shawn Naugle, will join Clarke mid-July 2024.  Shawn comes to Clarke with more than 17 years of experience in non-profit leadership management, including a focus on advocating for the rights of children from many populations.  Shawn‘s

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