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New Diagnosis?

Child hearing loss? We welcome newly diagnosed families.

Child hearing loss is a journey many families have successfully navigated. Clarke’s knowledgeable, experienced and caring professionals are ready to help you.

New Diagnosis?

Clarke is here for you

You’ve just learned your child is deaf or hard of hearing. You’re overwhelmed, you have a thousand questions, or maybe you don’t even know what to ask. There’s a lot to learn. Take a deep breath and remember that you’re already taking the first step.
Families are actively involved in learning through frequent communication, guided observations, participation in school activities and parent workshops/support groups. Guidance and support is also provided to families as children transition into mainstream schools.
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Here's what you can do right now:

Make Sound

Laugh, sing, talk, read to and play with your child. Your child needs more experience with sound – not less. Make a lot of noise. Have fun together. Try not to worry too much, enjoy being together and get to know each other.

Ask about Hearing Aids

Talk to your pediatrician or audiologist about hearing aids for your child sooner rather than later. Children can be fit comfortably with hearing aids by three months of age, some sooner, but it is a process that takes some time.

Seek an Experienced Audiologist

Find an audiologist who has had a lot of experience working with infants and their families. Newborns are ready to learn about the world through sensory impressions. Hearing is important in providing them information about their environment, information about you and the sounds associated with you.

Ask Questions

Ask your child’s doctors about their experience with pediatric hearing loss. Ask the audiologist who tests your child’s hearing about options in hearing technologies, and why they recommend a particular solution for your child. When you’re choosing a program for your child, ask about literacy rates, where graduates go and for references from other families.


There are many different approaches to managing hearing loss and educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing. You’ll want to make choices about the direction that’s right for your child and your family. You may also need to stand firm in your own beliefs about what you want, rather than accepting what’s offered.

Get Educated

There is a lot to know about hearing technologies, schooling options, your rights under the law, and more. Fortunately, there are also a lot of organizations ready to help you find the information you need. The Hearing First website and the AG Bell website are good places to start.

And above all, congratulations on the newest member of your family! This is a wonderful time to get to know your new baby and begin your journey together. Hearing loss is only one aspect of that journey.

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