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Our Stories


Our Stories

Hugo is an active boy whose interests range from robots to music and sports!  

He was diagnosed with mild-to-moderate bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. The diagnosis was confirmed through auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing when he was two months old after being referred from his newborn screening. At three months old, he received his first pair of loaner hearing aids to help him maximize access to sound. 

Immediately after, Hugo and his family began Clarke’s tVisit® Teleservices. Then, at four months old, Hugo started Clarke’s Birth to Age Three Program and speech therapy. Both services continued until Hugo transitioned to Clarke’s Preschool Program just before his third birthday. 

Now an energetic five-year-old, Hugo immerses himself in various activities and hobbies including soccer. He has a passion for music, memorizing the intricate lyrics of lengthy songs. Not only is he fluent in both English and Spanish, but he has a deep appreciation for songs in multiple languages. Lately, Hugo has been listening to harmonies and picking out notes to play on both the piano and guitar. 

Hugo is also a passionate builder who finds joy in both following instructions and unleashing his creativity. He spends some of his free time assembling robots from various STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) kits. 

An enthusiastic learner, Hugo is interested in true stories of trailblazers, like Mary Anning, the first paleontologist. He poses insightful questions about the world and aspires to uncover answers to some of life’s mysteries.  

Hugo’s family takes great pride in his ability to be in touch with his emotions and thoughts while also being aware and responsive to the feelings of those around him. He is richly expressive and has articulated his thoughts, feelings and experiences from a young age. 

Hugo’s family is very grateful to Clarke for helping to shape Hugo into the person he is today. Adina, Hugo’s mother shares, “We’re profoundly grateful for the support we’ve received from Clarke… We are always happy to spread the word about Clarke because of how much they helped our family.” 

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