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Our Stories


Our Stories

Meet Emily! She’s a seven-year-old with bilateral cochlear implants. Emily attended Clarke’s Auditory Oral Program and seamlessly transitioned into the general education setting alongside her hearing peers when she entered kindergarten. Now, as a confident third grader, she’s flourishing.

Recently, Emily took the stage as the emcee for two major school holiday celebrations, showcasing her growing confidence. Additionally, she’s diving into the world of music, learning to play a musical instrument.

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Meet Gio, who was born with profound sensorineural hearing loss and loves to swim.

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Meet Harry, who was diagnosed with moderately severe bilateral hearing loss at the age of one. Harry adores trucks, swimming and dancing!

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Meet Ashton, who was born with unilateral hearing loss in his right ear and later developed a hearing loss in his left ear. Ashton loves all things crafting, coloring and building.

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Meet Vera, who was born with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss and loves to dance, expressing herself through art.

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Karas is a confident and positive child who effortlessly speaks both English and Arabic. 

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Hugo is an active boy whose interests range from robots to music and sports!  

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