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Our Stories


Our Stories

Meet Beth, Educator of People Who are Deaf Pursing a Ph.D in Global Leadership 

Meet Beth, a Clarke Northampton alum from 1999. Beth is pursuing a Ph.D. in Global Leadership with a Concentration in Behavorial and Organizational Change from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.  

“My desire to obtain a Ph.D in Global Leadership rose from various work experiences within the non-profit community and higher education setting as a deaf educator, employment advisor and marketing professional,” explains Beth. 

While professionally supporting individuals with disabilities in marketing, social media, development and fundraising, Beth gained insight into the global issues of the community that are often neglected. 

Beth’s personal experiences also inspired her career path and advanced degree. She says, “As a deaf person who has faced inaccessibility in most of society, I became attracted to finding ways to advance the Deaf community through positive social changes.” 

Beth is a 2023 recipient of the Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund Scholarship and will use the funds to support her academic aspirations. With her degree, Beth aims to explore collaborative training opportunities with organizations and corporations to expand their diversity and inclusion goals. 

“I am grateful for the opportunities that Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech provides to their graduates to achieve their dreams and goals,” notes Beth.  

To learn more about the Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund Scholarship and this year’s recipients, click here

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