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Tune In! This Week in Hearing Podcast Features Clarke National Director of Teleservices

Nell Rosenberg, Clarke’s national director of teleservices discusses the newly expanded tVisit® Teleservices Program on This Week in Hearing.

Tune in to This Week in Hearing for a conversation with Nell Rosenberg MEd, MS, CCC-SLP LSLS Cert AVT, Clarke’s national director of teleservices, to learn about Clarke’s newly expanded tVisit® Teleservices Program 

Clarke offers a continuum of services, including tVisit® Teleservices which deliver customized Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) services remotely to children with hearing loss from birth through high school. The program began more than 10 years ago to make high-quality LSL services more accessible.  

Through tVisits, families learn how to provide their child with a well-adapted learning environment at home, to increase their child’s access to meaningful sound, and to understand and implement techniques to build LSL skills during any stage in a child’s development. 

Throughout the episode, Nell and host Dr. Amy Sarow explore Clarke’s work in the teleservices care model, the role of caregiver coaching in teleservices and Clarke’s ability to partner with schools and districts to offer LSL services to older students attending mainstream schools.  

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