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Staying Connected through Teleservices, Clarke Student Receives Second Cochlear Implant

Aziz—who is part of Clarke’s Birth to Three Program, currently participating in sessions remotely through tVISITs (Clarke’s teleservices program)—recently received his second cochlear implant at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston.

Aziz has profound bilateral hearing loss and has been using one cochlear implant on his right side. His mother reports that he was able to resume use of his right implant immediately after the surgery, so he could continue communicating while recovering in the hospital. His Clarke tVISIT therapist will continue working virtually with Aziz and his family, and when the new implant is activated, she will help guide them as he learns to listen through his left ear. Thanks to tVISITs, Aziz and his family have not experienced any gap in services, receiving remote coaching therapy all along throughout COVID-19 closures.

Our best wishes to Aziz for a speedy recovery and a fun summer ahead!



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