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K-8 Program Alumna Raises Funds to Support Clarke

Ally, a recent graduate of Clarke's K-8 Program in Northampton, MA, is a philanthropically-minded, award-winning student who begins classes as a mainstream student at Hampshire Regional High School this fall.

She celebrated her academic transition with a donation to Clarke, making one final stop at the Northampton campus before the start of the school year.

Now 14 years old, Ally came to Clarke as a preschooler in 2007 with profound, mixed hearing loss. She learned basic skills from Clarke’s teachers of the deaf and speech-language pathologists to help her listen, talk and advocate for herself in school and in life.

In June, Ally received four awards at Clarke’s “Honors Day:”

  • A Language award for her talent in writing poetry
  • The Shirley Minshall Hewlings Award for Creative Writing
  • The Pratt Award for Excellence in Academic Achievement
  • The Bill G. Blevins Prize for Character, Loyalty and Service

    “These awards celebrate Ally’s many talents,” said Clarie Troiano, Director of Mainstream Services and Educational Administrator of the K-8 Program at Clarke Northampton. “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ally and her family over the past 12 years. They quickly became a dynamic part of our community.”

    On August 29, Ally and her mom surprised Claire with a visit and donation of more than $300 to support future Clarke students. Ally generously raised the funds at her graduation party, making this fundraising request in lieu of gifts.

    “We’re grateful for the thoughtful donation and continue to be inspired by Ally and her family!” said Claire.

    View photos from Clarke Northampton’s graduation, including Ally and her classmates:

    Clarke Northampton Graduation 2019

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