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Clarke Alumna Donates American Girl Dolls

Morgan, who was born deaf, began receiving services from Clarke at home when she was three months old. She then attended Clarke’s Early Intervention and Toddler Program and progressed so well that she was able to attend a mainstream preschool alongside her hearing peers.

In 2016, Morgan told us “When you get an operation for your ears you don’t just hear when you go home. You have to attend a Clarke School so they can teach you how to hear! My teachers were so awesome!” She also wrote a book about her experience and founded Morgan’s Magical Ears, a charity that raises funds to provide buckets filled with stuffed animals, treats and other comforting items to children undergoing surgery at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

At 13 years old, Morgan continues to think about how she can help others. Morgan returned to Clarke to share her journey with current students and make a special contribution to preschool classrooms. After learning American Girl released a doll with a hearing aid, she thought it may be helpful for current Clarke students to have a toy with hearing technology. Morgan generously donated four dolls and encouraged students to read more about Joss in the accompanying books.

Morgan continues to do well in school and told her former Clarke teachers she would like to go into the medical field to help others.

Morgan Donates American Girl Dolls in Philadelphia


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