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Clarke Alum Grady Congleton Credits Clarke Coach as Inspiration for His Work in Youth Sports

Grady Congleton, Clarke alum and author of Youth Sports Reimagined, shares his story and career inspiration.

Grady Congleton, MS, ATC, LAT, CES, athletic trainer, Clarke alum and author of 4D Sports Medicine  recently published a post about his interesting path to becoming a certified athletic trainer titled, “Life as a Deaf Athletic Trainer,” which he followed up with a post about a Clarke teacher, Coach Moulton, who inspired him.  

Grady, who was born deaf in both ears and diagnosed at 16 months old, attended Clarke from age four to 15.  

In his post, “A Great Teacher Doesn’t Just Teach. They Inspire,” Grady shares that Clarke’s Coach Dennis Moulton “…sparked my passion for sports and the desire to work with others to achieve physical literacy and athletic goals, whether to have fun or play competitively.” 

Dennis Moulton, worked at Clarke for 42 years as a coach, an athletic director and a physical education teacher. He passed away in 2014.  

“He inspired me to start Youth Sports Reimagined because I want kids to experience the magic of an amazing teacher, coach and friend,” says Grady.  


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