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New Authors and Insights Coming to Hear Me Out

As a resource for educators working with mainstream students who are deaf or hard of hearing and use Listening and Spoken Language (LSL), Clarke’s Hear Me Out blog offers specific guidance for professionals in a unique and rewarding field. We are grateful to Heather Stinson, CAGS, MED, S/LP-A, a former Clarke itinerant teacher of the deaf, who has shared her insights as Hear Me Out’s primary author since 2014. Heather has been an outstanding advocate and thought leader in supporting Clarke students and families through every stage of the mainstream process, and we wish her success as she transitions from Clarke! 

As one of Clarke’s valuable resources (including Mainstream News and the Clarke Speaks Up blog), Hear Me Out provides relevant insights and information for professionals working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. We’re eager to feature more voices and perspectives from Clarke’s impressive community of LSL leaders, and as always, are open to your suggestions for content pertinent to your work and experiences in this field.  

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Hear Me Out

The Hear Me Out blog provides unique resources for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It's a forum for itinerant teachers of the deaf to share their experiences as they grow as professionals! It is produced by Clarke's Mainstream Services team as part of our mission to support children with hearing loss and the professionals who serve them.

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About the Hear Me Out Blog

Itinerant teachers of the deaf (TOD) provide direct services to children with hearing loss in mainstream schools, consultation to their teachers, and professional development to school staff. Itinerant TODs travel to a child’s neighborhood school to provide one-on-one educational support, foster listening and spoken language development, and help children build social and self-advocacy skills. They also act as a liaison between the family and their mainstream school. Hear Me Out provides a unique forum for these special teachers to share their experiences as they grow as professionals.

Hear Me Out is produced by Mainstream Services at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech as part of our mission to support children with hearing loss and the professionals who serve them.

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Hear Me Out Blog

About the Author

Heather Stinson (CAGS, MED, S/LP-A) received her master’s degree in Education of the Deaf from Smith College in 2006 and a graduate certificate in Children, Families, and Schools (with a concentration in research methodology) from the University of Massachusetts in 2012. In addition to her many years of experience working with children with hearing loss who communicate using listening and spoken language, Heather has also worked as a preschool classroom teacher.

Heather has presented both locally and nationally on issues related to mainstreaming students with hearing loss and is a contributing author to Odyssey magazine. Heather currently works as an itinerant teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing at Clarke Mainstream Services, a program of Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.

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