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Our Team

We are Clarke

All members of the Clarke team, regardless of location or role, embrace a unified philosophy to achieve our mission.

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Who We Are

Together, we provide expert services to children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and their families.

What We Believe In

Making an impact


We partner with each child as an individual and set goals accordingly


We invest in relationships with families to provide the highest quality continuum of services that helps children reach their full potential

Listening & Spoken Language

As leaders in the field, we advocate for the opportunities offered through a listening and spoken language lifestyle, and help families develop the skills needed to navigate that journey


We prepare for and advance the future of our field

Fostering diversity & inclusion

Informed decisions for all

We help all families from all backgrounds, traditions and walks of life make informed decisions to help their children succeed using listening and spoken language


We strive to be inclusive in our words, actions, work and programs

Advancing collaboration

Respect & gratitude

We respect, invest in and are grateful for all colleagues and their contributions to our mission


We elevate the organization by supporting and collaborating with each other and with outside partners

Strength through diverse perspective

We recognize the unique contributions of each program, service and location to our common mission

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