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The tools and strategies families need to support listening and spoken language in the natural environment

We understand hearing loss in toddlers and provide customized education for toddlers learning to listen and speak.


Toddlers with hearing loss and their families can access Clarke's specialized programs and services at a Clarke location and in the natural environment, including the home, daycare, the library, etc., and even remotely through teleservices. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals understands hearing loss in toddlers and focuses on the whole child to build skills in listening and spoken language and literacy, while also cultivating the individual social, emotional and cognitive tools each child needs to thrive.

Learn more about our listening and spoken language programs for toddlers below.

Our Stories


Meet Shaw, a recent high school graduate with hearing loss who will be playing Division III field hockey this fall!

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Meet Chloë, a motivated eight-year-old with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss who was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type 1a.

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Meet Gio, who was born with profound sensorineural hearing loss and loves to swim.

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