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The tools and strategies families need to support listening and spoken language in the natural environment

We provide customized education for toddlers who are deaf or hard of hearing learning to listen and speak, along with coaching for their families.


Toddlers with hearing loss and their families can access Clarke's specialized programs and services--at a Clarke location and in the natural environment, including the home, daycare, the library, etc., and even remotely through teleservices. Learn more about our programs for toddlers below.

Our Stories


Like most caregivers who discover their child was born with a hearing loss, Nina and Spencer worried at first how...

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John was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss at birth during his newborn hearing screening. In 2017, John’s parents enrolled him in Clarke Birth to Age...

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Dexter has a single-sided profound hearing loss and wears a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) to help access sound. He started attending Clarke New York’s...

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