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Resources and References for Jan 2023 Webinar

Resources and References

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10 Ways a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Support Your School-Age Child

Dec. 6 2022

This webinar provides 10 strategic ways a speech-language pathologist’s skillset can help guide and support your child with hearing loss along the school-age continuum using a listening and spoken language approach. 

January 31, 2023: Trading in the One-Time In-Service for Consistent Communication with School Teams

A recording of the webinar will be posted by Feb. 7, 2023

Contact the Presenters

Britt Coffey, PhD, MEd
Massachusetts Mainstream Services Supervisor, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech

Emily Snow, MED
Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech


  • DCD/CEC Position Statement PDF

  • Hearing Loss Simulations

    • A video that simulates what it may sound like to listen in a noisy classroom with and without an FM system to show teachers the benefit of wearing it.

    • A video that simulates listening in the classroom with an FM and without 

  • Vision Loss Simulations

    • A video that shows what people with different vision impairments see

    • Richmond Eye Associates website with photos of typical sight versus different vision impairments

    • Dona Sauerburger website with great ideas of how to create vision simulations and thought provoking activities in an in-service for other professionals
  • Apps:
    • ViaOpta Simulator: “Allows patients with visual impairments to better explain their eye conditions to friends, family and colleagues. Also has a personalized view of “My Condition” allowing users to save a specific condition setting.

    • Aira VIsion Sim: “The app simulates the most common eye diseases by using the camera and overlaying filters

  • Alternatives to Disability Simulations: 
    • University of Washington Article: panel of individuals to talk about lived experience, links to YouTube videos of people talking about their disability
    • PDF Article about when to use simulations – “Disability-related simulations- if, when, and how to use them in professional development”
  • Create your own audiogram
  • Confirmation Bias
    • Story on NPR about what confirmation bias is, and strategies to combat it
  • Active Listening

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