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Clarke Speaks Up

Use the tools below to spread the word about our LSL blog.

We invite you to share Clarke Speaks Up with your network! Copy, paste, customize and send. Contact us with any questions.

Sample Social Post 1

@ClarkeSchools has an LSL blog with an interesting post. Read up with me! #ClarkeSpeaksUp www.clarkeschools.org/clarkespeaksup

Sample Social Post 2

Are you following #ClarkeSpeaksUp, a blog by @ClarkeSchools with listening and spoken language news and stories? Read up here: www.clarkeschools.org/clarkespeaksup

Sample Social Post 3

The #ClarkeSpeaksUp blog has a new post worth reading. Check it out here: www.clarkeschools.org/clarkespeaksup


Sample Email

Subject: A blog you’ll enjoy from Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech 

Dear friend, 

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech annually supports more than 1,000 children who are deaf or hard of hearing by teaching them to listen and talk. Their blog, Clarke Speaks Up, shares stories and resources for families and professionals. 

Read up here: clarkeschools.org/clarkespeaksup

Let me know what you think. 


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