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Clarke Speaks 2021-2022

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Clarke's signature magazine highlights the programs, services, families and professionals who make the Clarke community so vibrant!

On the Cover: Clarke alum Janette, left, a student in her local mainstream kindergarten, has received Clarke services since she was 18 months old and is a graduate of our Preschool Program. She is pictured here with her mother, Lili, during an Olympics celebration at Clarke in 2021. Photograph by Jane Zankman

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The Power of Representation

When children who are deaf or hard of hearing don’t see themselves reflected in pop culture, sports, television and positions of leadership, it’s natural to wonder where or how they fit in.

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How Leighton Is Finding Her Voice

Like most caregivers who discover their child was born with a hearing loss, Nina and Spencer worried at first how their infant daughter would communicate and if she would struggle academically and socially.

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Paving the Way, from Infancy to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a major transition for young children and their families, and the skills required to take this exciting step won’t be established with last-minute worksheets and number games. At Clarke, preparation for kindergarten begins when a family enrolls in our early intervention (EI) services—and ideally before a baby is even six months old.

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Nurturing All Areas of Development at Clarke

Clarke may be best known for its expertise in helping children with hearing loss develop their listening and spoken language skills, but this process takes place within a larger framework of support to develop many other crucial skills, like executive function and interpersonal communication.

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