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Clarke Alum and advocate Carys is featured on the Clarke Speaks Up blog.

Clarke’s newest publication, the Clarke Speaks Up blog, is now available at With upbeat stories and up and coming news from the field, this dynamic blog will regularly feature information from our education and hearing health professionals, as well as uplifting stories from the Clarke community. Posts are filterable and tagged with the crucial topics Clarke covers (e.g., mainstream services, representation), making it easy for readers to find articles applicable to their interests.

To align with spring’s Teacher Appreciation Week and Better Hearing and Speech Month, Clarke Speaks Up is launching with an article about Carys, a Clarke alum, advocate and Emerson College student who was awarded “Outstanding Advocate of the Year” for her documentary film about the varied, rich experiences among the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Carys, who is profoundly deaf in both ears and uses bilateral cochlear implants, attended Clarke’s Preschool Program and received support from Clarke’s Mainstream Services throughout elementary school, middle school and then high school. While Carys primarily uses Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) to communicate, she is also proficient in American Sign Language (ASL). Exploring the varied experiences and communication styles of people who are deaf or hard of hearing was a central theme of her film, The Sky’s the Limit.

Read more about Carys on Clarke Speaks Up 

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