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In Celebration of the Clarke Team

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John, a Clarke Boston student, celebrates his support team by participating in the #ClarkeChalkWalk during Teacher Appreciation Month in May 2020.

When a global pandemic descended in March 2020, Clarke professionals’ lives changed immediately. In addition to navigating the personal impacts of this historic event, Clarke’s team, including teachers of the deaf, speech-language pathologists, building services crews, paraprofessionals, finance professionals, audiologists, teachers’ aides and administrative staff, swiftly pivoted to ensure the organization could continue to provide the life-changing services that children and families require. Faced with challenges of being remote, hybrid or on-site—and in some cases a mixture of all three models—while adhering to strict health and safety guidelines for themselves, children and clients, this team has made an unforgettable collective impact to sustain education and support across all five Clarke sites. (As of Oct 22, 2020)

Melanie Abramowitz

Ana Aguilar

Amanda Aliotta

Carmen Alvarado

Elizabeth Alves

Sarah Aronson

Jacqueline Atrio

Paula Axtell

Chester Bara

Carla Batista

Elizabeth Bean

Lauren Beatty

Meagan Benoit

Meredith Berger

Caroline Bertrand

Michele Bohannon

Cheryl Bonavita

Cheryl Borden

Susan Boyle

Jacquelyn Briggs

Carrie Brollier

Katherine Buda

Angela Caponigri

Jory Carlisle

Mary Carlson

Olivia Coker

Elise Colman

Lauren Connaughton

Lauryn Corcoran

Alyssa Culver

Ashley Dainton

Christina Danese

Marianne DaSilva

Martha deHahn

Amanda Dembowski

Alisa Demico

Kathleen Denner

Aisha Doggette

Nuala Doherty

Samantha Domingos

Katelyn Donoghue

Mary Van Doren

Stephanie Dymek

Devin Ellsweig

Dianne Fanelli

Jenna Federico

Claire Ferraro

Rachelle Ferrelli

Sherri J. Fickenscher

Linda Findlay

Shira Fishbon

Laura Flaim

Suzanne Foley

Cynthia Forsythe

Mary Franke

Jacqueline Garcia

Patsy Garcia

Janice Gatty

Carol Giaco

Clare Gill

Penny Gill

Laura Gillingham

Leia Giovanella

Cindy Goldberg

Jeffrey Grabowski

Jane Gryn

Denise Guamanzara

Mona Hamadeh

Marian Hartblay

Barbara Hecht

Marian Rogers Henderson

Julie Heywood

Marjorie Hill

Toni Hochstadt

Rachel Harris Hughes

Sarah Husted

Rebecca Huzzy

Katie Jennings

Melanie Jensen

Lori Johnson

Termarryer Johnson

Colleen Judge

Jenna Karcher

Karen Katsanos

Lauren Keller

Christine Kelley

Ann Kot

Brittany LaBrie

Robyn Lachow

Amanda Ladow

Cassandra Lanni

Kelly Lastowski

Alexandra Lavrentieva

Trisha LeRose

Megan Libby

Deborah Lohmeyer

Karen Lonsway

Sarah Louvat

Kimberly Lynch

Ashley Mahlstedt

Anne Malarick

Alberta Mancini

Michael Marchetti

Sarah Martin

Sydney Matook

Juliana Mazzone

Courtney McGee

Rabiah Medley

Barbara Meehan

Tiffany Michel

Marisa Mikucki

Julie Miller

Caroline Moore

Natalee Moores

Jeanne Moriarty

Tina Morris

Seunga Morrow

Julia Morse

Kathleen Murphy

Michelle Nagly

Ketty Sena

Julie Neumann

Regina Novak

Caroline Oberweger

Angela Pardee

Barbara Pavlovich

Susan Pearce

Jaclyn Perilman

Lindsay Petersen

Alice Pinto

Lauren Poinsett

Elaine Orihuela Proscia

Mary Pyzik

Emily Rae

Angellit Ramirez

Lynne Raymer

Coby Rhoades

Jessica Rivera

Laura Rivera

Kimberly Rodriguez

Nell Rosenberg

Caroline Ruocco

Jacqueline Sallade

Mia Salvini

Danial Salvucci

Christina Santare

Ivanka Santiago

Isabelle Sayno

Anne Schertzer

Molly Schoenfeld

Nicole Schonauer

Britani Schwaiger

Doug Scott

Judith Sexton

Cheryle Shaffer

Geeta Shandilya

Carole Shapiro

Bruce Skyer

Laurel Smith

Emily Snow

Jennifer Sophis

Emilie Spriggs

Danielle Stathers

Heather Stinson

Kelly Stone

Lynn Stoner

Taylor Super

Daniel Taillon

Jane Tetreault

Paula Thibodeau

Kendall Toothe

Claire Troiano

Genevieve Vazquez

Sarah Verteramo

Cara Della Villa

Madison Walat

Ingeborg Waldsmith

Kathryn Wallace

Katherine Wassung

Angela Watters

Lila West

Shannon Wheeler

Renee Williams

Laura Willis

Eric Wojtowicz

Danielle Wollner

Catherine Worrall

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