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Winter 2022 Issue

Knowing when and how to ask is more complicated than many realize. Caregivers hear a lot about the importance of self-advocacy, especially for children ...

5 min read

It has become almost a rite of passage for many students pursuing higher education: the college search process. Each year, parents, caregivers and education ...

5 min read

Anyone of any age can benefit from having a mentor. Particularly for young people, mentors provide a unique blend of guidance, insight, confidence and ...

5 min read
Any transition for children, whether entering preschool or college, helps set the stage for their future success. For children with hearing loss, the stakes are ...
6 min read
No child is too young or too old to benefit. Young children love being read to. It’s fun, it’s cozy and it can launch their ...
4 min read
An LSL resource for families and educators supporting mainstream students who are deaf or hard of hearing 

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