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Spring 2021 Issue
For children with hearing loss, the ever-evolving technology that provides improved access to sound in the classroom—or just hanging around with friends—has been a game-changer. ...
7 min read
As part of our effort to continue raising awareness that children who are deaf or hard of hearing can learn to listen and talk, Clarke ...
3 min read
Summer is an opportunity for students to enjoy some downtime and a necessary break. With a bit of foresight, it’s possible to enjoy a relaxing, ...
6 min read
Audiologists recommend that a child’s Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT)—such as a classroom remote microphone system or a personal system used outside of school—be examined during ...
4 min read
For children of all ages and abilities, play is their work. ...
5 min read
An LSL resource for families and educators supporting mainstream students who are deaf or hard of hearing 

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