Caroline A. Yale Alumni Memorial Fund

Scholarship Details

Any former student who has attended one of Clarke’s campuses for at least one year, regardless of whether or not he or she graduated or mainstreamed early, may apply for a scholarship from the Yale Fund. The deadline for applying for a scholarship is May 1, 2020 and applicants may apply an unlimited number of times. The scholarship may be used for continuing education including:

  • High school programs, extracurricular activities and tuition
  • Summer programs, either a camp or a school
  • Associate’s degree programs
  • Undergraduate degree programs
  • Professional certificates
  • Graduate school programs

Scholarship Application Process

To apply for a scholarship from the Yale Fund, please fill out this form. In addition to submitting the form, you must submit the following by May 1, 2020:

  • Official embossed sealed transcript
  • Two dated letters of recommendation
  • A signed, dated and typed essay (minimum of 500 words) describing how applicant contributed to their school, community or other individuals for the past year OR how the applicant plans to use the scholarship to advance personal goals and career choices.
  • Invoice or quote from the program you wish to attend. (Note that funds will be sent directly to the institution.)

Application materials should be sent to:

The Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund
Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech
45 Round Hill Road
Northampton, MA 01060

Materials must be postmarked by May 1, 2020. The committee will make decisions in early June, and will notify applicants by the end of June.

History of the Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund

In the fall of 1937, the Clarke School Alumni Association (CSAA), now Clarke Schools Alumni Council (CSAC), created the Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund in memory of Miss Caroline A. Yale for her distinguished contributions to Clarke School for the Deaf. Miss Yale spent 60 years at Clarke and was the principal for 36 years. She was an early pioneer who supported oral education for students, firmly believing that they should be given every opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed in the hearing world.

Fund Specifics

The Caroline A. Yale Memorial Fund is a restricted endowment whose investment is managed by Clarke. The original intention of the Yale Fund was for alumni to be able to make recommendations on how funds were allocated to Clarke. In the recent past, CSAC has chosen to allocate funds to two distinct areas: scholarships and Clarke program support. The process is such that CSAC makes a recommendation to the Clarke Board of Trustees' Executive Committee on how to spend 80 – 90% percent of the annual income (interest and dividends) depending upon the quantity and quality of applications and program support requests received. The Clarke Board of Trustees' Executive Committee reserves the right of final approval of the recommendations.