Monthly Giving

Make a Difference Every Month - Automatically!

Supporting Clarke students and families is customizable and easier than ever. Make contributions automatically through Clarke’s donation page.

Set It and Forget It

In two minutes and with only a few clicks you can set up your annual giving plan with Clarke.

Step 1: Choose a monthly amount that works for you

Step 2: Enter your payment details and information

Step 3: Click donate and you're done!

Consider these giving levels or customize your gift to meet your needs:

  • $25/month = $300 total annual gift
  • $50/month = $600 total annual gift
  • $100/month = $1,200 total annual gift

A Satisfying Investment in the Clarke Community

"Monthly giving with Clarke is satisfying. I am able to support a worthy cause which can assist in helping other children transition to their next level in life."
- Tonia Scott, parent of a Clarke New York student and donor 

Tonia is a member of the Clarke community and is enrolled in monthly giving with the nonprofit organization. Additionally, as a member of Clarke New York's Listening Walk Committee (a group implementing Clarke's largest fundraiser), Tonia understands the funding gap Clarke faces in striving to support as many families as possible. For her, enrolling in automated monthly donations with Clarke was a simple way to give more children access to listening, speaking, literacy and social skills for success. "I must say too, the teachers, members of staff and even parents are very warm, helpful and friendly," commented Tonia about the Clarke community she's helping to build.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Clarke!