Mainstream Services

Itinerant Teacher Services—Providing Support Right Where They Need It

Clarke’s itinerant teaching service puts an experienced teacher of the deaf at a school several times a week to offer assistance to both the student and the teacher. For many students who are deaf or hard or hearing, this personal attention is critical to success. The itinerant teacher’s expertise on hearing loss and its effect on the learning process ensures that any challenges the student is facing are noticed and addressed immediately. Having an itinerant teacher involved in a student’s program helps put the student, the classroom teacher and the other children at ease so they can all focus on what’s important – learning and growing together.

Check out a Clarke Speaks article, on page 8, featuring Heather Stinson (CAGS, MED, S/LP-A), Clarke itinerant teacher of the deaf. And read her blog, Hear Me Out.

Consulting Services—Educating Mainstream Schools

Most public and private schools in the United States have had little direct experience with students who are deaf or hard of hearing. When a school is unfamiliar with hearing loss, hearing aids, cochlear implants and other assistive devices commonly used by these students, it can be difficult to anticipate the students’ unique needs, both academically and socially. A Mainstream Consultant, who is a trained and experienced teacher of the deaf, provides support and training to school professionals, parents and students through a variety of personalized services which incorporate specific strategies to enhance each student’s communication and success. Mainstream Services will work with you to create a customized consulting model that works for your school and the students you serve. Consultants are also available to do a one-time program evaluation.

Transitional Planning—Easing the Transition to the Mainstream

Transitioning from a specialized program like Clarke to a mainstream school is a very exciting time for each child and family, but it can also raise a lot of questions. What kind of support services will my child need? How do we educate our child’s teachers and classmates about hearing loss? What do we do if something unexpected comes up? Mainstream Services helps families lay out a set of steps to follow and offers support and guidance to both students and families during this important time of change.  Once a school is chosen, a mainstream consultant begins to prepare the staff of the school to receive the student.

Comprehensive Educational Evaluations—Practical Data to Maximize Success

Families and professionals from all over the country utilize the Clarke Educational Evaluations program on our Northampton campus to obtain comprehensive testing data and practical recommendations to maximize student success in the classroom and beyond. Learn more.

Educational Audiological Management / Acoustical Classroom Evaluations

Educational Audiologists are uniquely qualified to support students in the mainstream to assure they have auditory access to the information in all learning environments.  They work directly with students, parents, teachers, support personnel and administrators as part of the educational team. Our educational audiologists can also address the acoustical challenges that impact your staff and students and offer recommendations for minimizing these challenges.

To learn more about any of these services, contact or call V/TTY 413.582.1121.