Comprehensive Educational Evaluations (CEE) Program

Families and professionals from all over the country utilize the Clarke Educational Evaluations program on our Northampton campus to obtain comprehensive testing data and practical recommendations to maximize student success in the classroom and beyond.

Read about a CEE student in this article, "CEEs: Maximizing Success in the Classroom and Beyond," (on page 15) from Clarke Speaks magazine.

Hearing Loss Expertise

The multi-day evaluation is designed specifically for students in preschool through high school who are deaf or hard of hearing and is executed by an experienced team of professionals who understand hearing loss in educational settings.

Advantages of a CEE at Clarke

  • Interdisciplinary approach that examines all aspects of a child's development
  • A team with a deep understanding of the effects of hearing loss on all aspects of development
  • Independent and objective results

Comprehensive Testing

Results from five distinct evaluation components are integrated to provide an interdisciplinary, whole-child perspective:

  • Audiological
  • Language
  • Academic
  • Speech
  • Psychological

Tools You Can Use

Each evaluation ends with a comprehensive exit meeting with parents, evaluators and school educators to ensure that the results and recommendations are well understood. A detailed written report is also provided, including quantitative and qualitative analysis that addresses the effects of the child’s hearing loss on their development.


The CEE provided a clear picture of our son and his complex condition. This has helped guide the restructuring of his IEP and revealed areas in need [of] improvement and focus.”
-- Parent of a 6-year-old

“It gave me a sense of comfort to have objective professionals evaluate my child and tell me where he stands, what I can do and how the school can help.”
-- Parent of a 5-year-old

“[The CEE] provided us with a complete plan to help with [our son’s] college search. Thanks for all your help over the years.”
-- Parent of a 17-year-old

“It’s wonderful to have CEE’s, especially for school district personnel who don’t have experience with children with hearing loss.”
-- Special Ed. Team Member

“The wrap-up meeting provides immediate feedback for the school team so they can begin planning program services and objectives even before the report is received.”
-- Special Ed. Team Member

“Your evaluation process was informative, thorough, and extremely helpful to our staff. Thank you!”
-- Out of District Liaison

Learn More

Contact Coordinator Linda Findlay at or call V/TTY 413.582.1169