Preschool to Kindergarten Program

Preschool is offered at our Boston, Jacksonville, New York, Northampton and Philadelphia locations.

Learn more about a day in the life of a Clarke preschooler in this Clarke Speaks story about Muhammad and his teacher Marjorie, featuring Clarke's Preschool Program.

Teacher of the Deaf Marjorie Hill, MEd,
with her student Muhammad
Teacher of the Deaf Marjorie Hill, MEd, with her student Muhammad. Clarke Speaks 2018-2019.

Our Northampton and New York locations offer Integrated Preschool Programs that serve both children with hearing loss and children with typical hearing.

Kindergarten is offered at our Boston, Jacksonville and Northampton locations.

Learning as a Family

During the preschool years, the family continues to be the most influential factor in a child’s life. While our preschool and kindergarten students are learning to observe actively and interact with new concepts and people, their parents and other family members are learning, too. Parents, grandparents and other adults in the child’s life find a support network of families and professionals at Clarke where they can share and learn.

Families are actively involved in learning through frequent communication, classroom observations, participation in school activities and parent workshops/support groups. Guidance and support is also provided to families as children transition into mainstream schools.

Curriculum and Classroom

All Clarke educational programs are led by creative and committed professionals trained in early childhood education, speech-language pathology, education of the deaf and the auditory/oral method. All Clarke educators hold a Master’s Degree, and children receive daily auditory speech and language therapy provided by speech-language pathologists and/or teachers of the deaf.

Stimulating classroom activities enhance children’s listening, speech, language and pre-literacy skills while fostering their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. Children engage in creative problem solving, discovery, exploration, reasoning and hands-on activities in a fun, nurturing environment. Classrooms are designed for the unique acoustical needs of children with hearing loss, and curriculum is aligned with state and national standards.