Clinical Services

In addition to Birth to 3 and school programs, Clarke offers a variety of clinical services to children and on some campuses, to adults.

Children enrolled in Clarke school programs receive daily speech and language therapy provided by speech-language pathologists and teachers of the deaf. Students also receive hearing checks by certified audiologists to maximize their access to sound and ensure their hearing equipment is working properly.

At some of our campuses, these services are also available to children who are not enrolled in our school programs. Services for adults are offered on our Northampton and Philadelphia campuses.


Hearing is essential to learning in all schools, and our audiology staff is dedicated to helping each of our students have the best possible access to sound as they learn. We provide assessments of hearing in quiet and in noise for every child and address technological problems immediately, so that learning is not interrupted. Our audiologists program digital hearing aids and cochlear implants as needed and monitor the use of FM and infrared systems in our classrooms to improve audibility of the teacher's voice and other children's voices in class discussions.

Speech/Language Therapy

Working with teachers and audiologists, Clarke speech/language pathologists determine how best to advance each student's speaking, listening and language abilities. Using a variety of games, activities and specialized methods, speech/language pathologists create a fun learning environment that is tailored to the unique speech, language and auditory needs of each child.