Programs & Services

Early Intervention Programs - It’s Never Too Early to Start

Newborn hearing screening and advances in technology (like digital hearing aids and cochlear implants) are helping children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk at earlier ages than ever before. At Clarke, parents receive the tools and support they need to facilitate their baby’s development and make the most of those important years before preschool. Clarke’s Early Intervention Programs provide both home and center-based services for children from birth to age 3. Audiologists, teachers of the deaf, speech pathologists and special educators provide parents with the guidance and support they need to develop their child’s listening and spoken language skills, and make informed decisions about sensory aids and educational programming. Our goal is to help parents connect with their child and provide the skills needed to help them grown, learn and reach their full potential.

Preschool/Kindergarten - Listen, Talk and Grow

During the preschool years, the family continues to be the most influential factor in a child’s life. Families are actively involved in learning through frequent communication, classroom observations, participation in school activities and parent workshops/support groups. Stimulating classroom activities enhance children’s listening, speech, language and pre-literacy skills while fostering their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. Children engage in creative problem solving, discovery, exploration, reasoning and hands-on activities in a fun, nurturing environment.

Auditory, Speech and Language Therapy

Auditory, speech, and language services address communicative, auditory, speech and language needs. Each child enrolled in our preschool program receives 30 minutes of individual auditory, speech, and language therapy on a daily basis. Individual auditory, speech and language services are also available for children in mainstream programs.

Audiological Services

In addition to early intervention, school and mainstreaming programs, Clarke also offers comprehensive audiological care. Our services include audiology consultation for students in the mainstream.

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