Admission & Financial Aid

Clarke Philadelphia is an Approved Private Schools (APSs) licensed by the State Board of Private Academic Schools. As an APS, Clarke is approved by the Secretary of Education to provide a free appropriate special education for students with a diagnosed hearing loss. Clarke is eligible to receive funds from the school districts and/or the Commonwealth for the education of these students. Placement of students at Clarke is based on the student's individual needs.

When a school district and the parent agree that Clarke is an appropriate program of education for an eligible student in accordance with the stated admission policy of Clarke, the recommendation and supporting documentation is forwarded to the Bureau of Special Education for final approval of payment. Costs for school-age students placed in APSs are shared between the school district of residence and the Commonwealth. The school district of residence will input 4010’s or 4011’s into Approved Private School Electronic Management (APSEM), which is housed in the Philadelphia Department of Education Suite.

For preschool, the district school will also input Preschool Early Intervention students into the system with information provided by the MAWA or the Preschool Early intervention program. School district staff contact their local Preschool Early Intervention program to identify who the contact person from the established Preschool Early Intervention program will be handling any procedural concerns related to students in the EI program who are enrolled in an APS and participating in the APS 4010 funding process.