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Clarke Presents DEI Efforts at AG Bell Symposium

Clarke leaders share their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at the AG Bell Symposium.
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The AG Bell Global Listening and Spoken Language Virtual Symposium is an opportunity for families and professionals to learn about the latest research and innovative practices related to listening and spoken language. 

On June 29 at 11:00 am ET, Clarke team members Judy Sexton, Geeta Shandilya and Marian Hartblay will present “Many Voices One Clarke: Journey Toward Equity” at the symposium. Judy, Marian and Geeta bring unique perspectives to the presentation. Judy is the chief program officer at Clarke, Geeta is a teacher of the deaf and Marian leads early childhood education in Northampton, MA and is the national director of early intervention and preschool.  

Critical racial and social issues of recent years prompted Clarke’s call to action as an organization committed to serving all children and families. This presentation introduces our journey and organizational framework toward gaining cultural competence that began with administrative endorsement and creation of Clarke’s Anti-racism, Inclusion and Diversity (AID) Committee.  

The presenters hope attendees will learn about Clarke’s journey, approach, successes and challenges and can research ideas that work for their unique environments and organizations. 

“We recognize that the audience is worldwide and the beginning of our AID journey at Clarke is a result of regional (American) geopolitics. However, the problem of inequity is universal,” said Geeta. 

The presenters advise organizations looking for a first step to find a way to bring all staff members together to recognize that anti-racism, diversity and inclusion are organizational values. Find ways to connect this work with the organization’s mission and recognize that every individual is at a unique place in their journey towards achieving AID goals. 

Join Clarke to learn more during the Symposium, which offers live and on-demand access. Learn more and register here. View Clarke’s anti-racism, inclusion and diversity resources here.


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