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Clarke Jacksonville Awarded Grant to Improve Classroom Acoustics

Clarke Jacksonville received a generous gift from the Embraer Foundation. The funds will be used to purchase acoustic panels that will help minimize background noise, lower sound intensity and improve speech intelligibility in classrooms.

“Embraer’s partnership and support allow us to provide a classroom environment that supports effective learning and best practices for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The short-term effect will be an immediate improvement in children’s learning conditions,” explains Tina Morris, operations manager at Clarke Jacksonville. “Our students will be able to more easily extract auditory information from their environment and access their teacher’s voice, their classmates’ voices and their own voice.”

The Embraer Foundation, a US-based nonprofit operating out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, supports social and environmental development through community engagement and educational projects. Their mission is to “promote a transformational force where Embraer operates addressing social and environmental matters through a collaborative and innovative approach.”

We are grateful to the Embraer Foundation for their support in making this notable enhancement to Clarke Jacksonville.


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