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COVID-19 Tech Guide

Clarke Team COVID-19 Technology Guide

Guidelines for Remote Work -- Spring/Summer 2020

What are Clarke’s Technology Guidelines for Remote Work:

Everyone is advised to follow Clarke’s computer policy. Computer Policy

Team members cannot use a personal computer on the Clarke network. The Clarke Network means you are at a Clarke location and are logged in. Home computers/devices can be used for remote work away from Clarke locations, however, as noted above, they cannot be used on the Clarke network. Team members using personal devices are advised to work through SharePoint and should not download files to personal devices.

  • Supervisors should prepare team members to identify critical documents and files that should be accessible through SharePoint during periods of remote work.
  • Our IT Department has provided a guide for remote login: IT Guide for Remote Work
  • Please direct remote work technology questions to Understand responses will be as timely as possible during normal business hours. Questions outside of normal business hours will generally be responded to the following day. There will be exceptions for true emergencies.

Clarke Phones

  • Voicemail on Clarke phones can be forwarded to email, via a sound file. Be sure to include your extension number when requesting this option.
  • You can remotely check your voicemail. Call the number below and follow the prompts. Your mailbox ID is your extension number.
    • Northampton – 413.672.0109
    • Canton – 413.672.0122
    • Jacksonville – 413.672.0123
    • Leeds – 413.672.0124
    • NYC – 413.672.0125
    • Philly – 413.672.0138
  • On a case by case basis and with approval of your supervisor and HR, we can forward office phones to your home/cell phone. We typically don’t recommend this because the caller would hear the voicemail message on your home/cell phone. And if you call the person back, it would be from your home/cell number. Let us know if you want this setup (tell us your extension number and the number to forward to). Once this is setup, you can activate/deactivate it directly from your office phone.

Zoom Accounts

  • Basic Zoom accounts are free – sign up here using your email address You can have unlimited 1 to 1 meetings but keep in mind that there is a 40 minute time limit on meetings with 3 or more people (*as of April 2020 this limit has been lifted for Clarke accounts). These accounts are not HIPAA compliant so they can be used for general student interaction (read aloud, singing, etc.) or staff planning, but not discussions involving PII (personally identifiable information).

Short and helpful videos about Zoom to watch and/or share with families!

Reminder – we will host Tech Talk every day this week at 10:00 am. See previous meeting invite.

How to Share a Private Video

Clarke team members can create a private, professional YouTube account/channel for video sharing. Create the account using your Clarke email address, in case there is a need for the IT Team to access the account. Make sure this account is not connected to or used for personal video viewing or sharing. Follow YouTube guidelines for privacy settings.

These guidelines are subject to change as the COVID-19 health crisis evolves.

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