Support Clarke on Valley Gives Day

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech is one of over 400 nonprofits that participates in the annual Valley Gives Day. Valley Gives is an innovative online fundraising event that encourages individuals to donate as much money as possible in support of their favorite charities in just twenty-four hours. During Valley Gives Day, western Massachusetts nonprofits collaborate with the goal of getting 20,000 donors to support their favorite nonprofits.

How it Works

When a donor makes a gift through Valley Gives (using the form below) and makes a gift to Clarke between 12 am and 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 2, that gift will be added up along with all the thousands of other gifts being made to nonprofits in western Massachusetts throughout the day. At the end of 24 hours, the nonprofits that have the most unique donors will be rewarded with special grants from a prize pool which consists of up to $225,000 in awards.

Throughout the day, donors will be randomly chosen and their gift will be amplified with a “Golden Ticket,” adding anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to support their favorite nonprofit. More than over 100 different nonprofits will receive this bonus.

Choose Clarke on Valley Gives Day 2017

For 150 years, Clarke has provided life-changing programs and services to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Clarke is a Northampton-based non-profit that employs Valley residents who work with these children and their families. Today’s contribution to Clarke is an investment in the future: won’t you join us in making the future that much brighter for children who are deaf or hard of hearing?