Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving - Become a Clarke Hero!

Make a Difference Every Month - Automatically!

Making an investment in Clarke children is now easier and more affordable than ever through our “Heroes of the Month” Club, a monthly giving program! Clarke now offers donors the opportunity to make contributions automatically through their checking or savings account or with a credit card each month.

Change lives - for the Cost of a Pizza

All it takes to participate in Clarke’s Heroes of the Month Club is a minimum commitment to our monthly giving program of $10. For the amount of money you might spend ordering a pizza each month, you can significantly impact the quality of services our children and families receive at Clarke. Monthly Giving provides a convenient and affordable way for those closest to Clarke to support our Annual Fund.

Become a Hero Right Now

You can enroll in Clarke monthly giving right now, easily and securely. Your ongoing support of Clarke’s Annual Fund ensures we are able to meet the most crucial needs of our children and families. Thank you for your support and commitment to Clarke.