Clarke’s Integrated Preschool Program

Clarke’s Integrated Preschool program is a hidden gem on the upper eastside of NY. Children from our neighborhood have the unique opportunity to learn along side children who are deaf or hard of hearing from all over NYC. Our teachers are early childhood language and literacy specialists who design a day of learning and play to maximize a child’s natural curiosity and prepare them for kindergarten-socially and academically.

At Clarke, we believe that social and academic success is intricately tied to a child’s use of language-for play, for relationships and for learning.

At Clarke, we use a theme based, developmentally appropriate approach to insure children develop well rounded personalities and skills. Our teachers have the background, training and expertise to support each child’s unique learning style and needs

At Clarke, lessons are designed around student interest and curiosity to support development of age appropriate social, emotional, communication, cognitive, and academic skills and knowledge. Children learn through hands on experiences, authentic interaction, movement, and creativity.

At Clarke, children are part of a community, not just a classroom. All of our staff –regardless of their role-are part of helping children to feel supported, safe and nurtured. Children and their families are celebrated for their uniqueness.

At Clarke, families are partners in learning. Our open door policy and the ability to observe your child through the observation windows in each classroom allow parents to feel involved and knowledgeable about their child’s education. Parents also participate in school activities as chaperones, lesson leaders and guest readers. Parents also are involved in helping with special events designed to provide support for program enhancements. All parents are expected to participate as these activities directly support the education of all of our students.


How do I learn more about Clarke?

To learn more about Clarke’s Integrated Preschool program, you can call us at 212-585-3500 or email Meredith Berger ( or Jackie Garcia-Closky (

What is the application process?

  1. Tours are given after an application has been submitted. You can contact us to arrange for a short tour of the program. Your child does not have to be present for the tour. Based on the time of year and the number of families, the tour may include multiple families.
  2. A time will be set up with you to bring your child in for a visit in one of our classrooms. Typically two classroom visits are required.

Application and Tuition for 2017-2018

2017-2018 Application
2017-2018 Tuition

Application for 2018-2019

2018-2019 Application

When does enrollment occur?

Clarke is an ISAAGNY school and follows the timelines for admission. Typically applications are available after Labor Day and on. Admission information is shared in February/March, based on the ISAAAGNY guidelines. Clarke does have rolling admissions. If seats are available, we will accept a student at any time during the school year.

Will my child learn sign language?

Clarke is a Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) school. Children who attend Clarke do not learn or use sign language at school. The children who are deaf or hard of hearing use hearing aids, cochlear, implants or bahas to listen and talk. Spoken English is used in the classrooms and therapy, although more than half of our families use another language at home.

What are the ages of children who attend Clarke?

The ages of children in our preschool classes range from 2.8 to 5.8 years old. Depending on your child’s date of birth, we will discuss the appropriate time for your child to start in the preschool program.

Do children needed to be toilet trained?

Children do not need to be toilet trained. The teachers will begin working with you and your child to begin the process.

Is part time an option?

Clarke’s school day is 8:30-2:30, Monday-Friday. We do not offer a part time program. In the past, parents who were concerned about the length of the day, especially for children who still take long afternoon naps, chose to pick their child up earlier than 2:30, until their child adjusted to the length of day.

Is there a summer program too?

Yes, Clarke offers a 6 week summer program.

Is financial aid available?

Financial Aid is not available. At the current tuition rate and length of program, Clarke may just be the best deal in the city-high quality education at a reasonable cost!

What schools do Clarke graduates attend after preschool?

Our students attend diverse schools around the city and the state, including zoned public schools, private schools, charter schools and Citywide, District, and Hunter Gifted and Talented Programs.