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Dog Who is Deaf Visits Clarke Philadelphia

July 20, 2018—Clarke students met Cole, a dog who is deaf and inspiring classrooms of children in the Philadelphia area. [More]

Clarke’s Summer Camp Students Rock with Michael Franti

July 14, 2018—Michael Franti and guest singer Victoria Canal joined Clarke’s Summer Camp attendees at Beacon Field in Greenfield, MA to experience the positive power of music.[More]

Clarke Jacksonville Students Enjoy an Interactive Play Space

July 10, 2018—Clarke Jacksonville recently installed a classroom magnet wall ball system! The innovative system provides an interactive play space that strengthens gross and fine motor skills, while fostering an interest in STEM skills. [More]

March 29, 2012

Clarke Featured on CBS3 Philly

March 29, 2012—Clarke's Bryn Mawr campus was featured on CBS3 Philly's Ronald McDonald Phone Bank. View the video and transcript:

Announcer: Think of the sounds that a child hears.
(Toy rattling sound)
Teacher: (woo! Woo! Woo!)
Child: What is this?
Announcer:  Imagine the silence for a baby who is deaf.
(Background sound becomes muffled)
Announcer: 3 out of every thousand children born in this country have hearing loss and for them there’s the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.
Judy Sexton: We coach families. We give them as much information as we can. We answer their questions. We don’t just see the child as an ear, we don’t see the child just as a child who is deaf, but we see the whole family.
Announcer:  One family who has come to the Clark School in Bryn Mawr is the Tweet family.  9-month-old Beckett was born with a severe hearing loss. His father, Aaron, who is also deaf, and his mother Jillian, say Beckett will receive cochlear implants when he’s older. But during this first critical year of life their son relies on hearing aids.
Jillian: As a new parent with a child with a hearing loss you have to get those hearing aids on them immediately.
Announcer:  While they’re important for Beckett’s development, hearing aids are not easy. There’s maintenance, cleaning and the constant worry that they’re not working.
Jillian: You have a tiny little baby, who knows what they’re hearing, they’re not really telling you.
Announcer:  And that’s why the Clarke Care Kit is so vitally important.
Naomi: Every family that comes through our doors, they receive this kit.
Announcer:  The Clarke School’s Naomi Wicentowski says the tools in this kit are essential for parents like the Tweets. They include a listening tube to ensure sound is moving through the hearing aid, an airblower to remove moisture from the ear mold, a battery tester, a wax kit, a dry and store kit, and wipes designed for electronics. And they’re all free of charge, thanks to a 10,000 grant from Ronald McDonald House charities.
Naomi: Without Ronald McDonald House Charities we wouldn’t have had the funding to create the Clarke Care Kit and parents would have to be paying out of pocket for some of these tools.
Announcer: Instead, thanks to RMHC, families like the Tweets have access to the tools they need. Tools that will help children like Beckett live out their dreams.
Aaron: My hope is that he will be able to use his voice and speak really well and hear a lot more than I could. I know he will be able to do that, I can see him doing that.
Announcer: You can help children like Beckett and families like the Tweets by donating to RMHC phone bank. And here’s out number for today: 568,690! And we’re just getting started folks, the phones will be open until 8 tonight. 1 877 KYW 3ASK.