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December 29, 2017

The Case for Clarke Comprehensive Educational Evaluations

December 29, 2017—Independent evaluations can inform students’ IEPs and help families keep educational goals on track.

Student and teacher of the deaf

Clarke’s Comprehensive Educational Evaluation (CEE) program brings together experts in audiology, language, academics, speech, and psychology to help students with hearing loss, families, and members of the student’s educational team navigate the academic journey from kindergarten to high school graduation, including recommendations for college.

“In addition to quantitative and qualitative analysis, our CEEs are independent, objective, and provide recommendations that families and school personnel can utilize to write IEPs for three full years,” said Linda Findlay, MED, Coordinator of Clarke’s CEE Program. “The benefits to students are enormous when schools partner with independent experts using a holistic approach for these evaluations.”

Here are four reasons to learn more about partnering with Clarke’s CEE program for students’ evaluations:

  1. An interdisciplinary, educational model
    Clarke CEEs help students achieve their educational goals. Recognizing students learn and grow in a variety of ways, every aspect of multi-dimensional learning and how each aspect is impacted by a student’s hearing, loss is taken into account. Five distinct areas of evaluation – audiology, language, academics, speech, and psychology – lead to a whole-child approach.
  2. A team approach
    Testing is separate, but results are shared among team members and evaluated together. A team of experts in the area of hearing loss, as well as in their respective disciplines, makes informed recommendations for students.
  3. Family participation
    From the first test to the exit meeting, Clarke encourages families to observe and engage in an evaluation process that informs the academic journey.
  4. Immediate results
    The CEE concludes with a facilitated meeting between the student’s family, members of the student’s educational team, and the CEE team. Results are discussed in detail and recommendations are given. Contact Clarke at or call 413.587.7324 or 413.582.1169 to learn more!