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Honoring Clare Gill, Teacher of the Deaf and Breast Cancer Survivor

November 12, 2019—“My passion truly is working with children with hearing loss and their families!” - Clare Gill, teacher of the deaf[More]

Fontbonne Awarded Grant to Support Graduate Students

November 7, 2019—Clarke is pleased to share that Fontbonne University’s Department of Communication Disorders and Deaf Education has been awarded a $1.25 million grant by the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS).[More]

SAVE THE DATE: Listening and Spoken Language Boot Camp

November 5, 2019—You’re Invited! Listening and Spoken Language Boot Camp is presented by Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech and designed to support families in Central Florida from coast to coast who have children who are deaf or hard of hearing ages birth to 5. This event will...[More]

Clarke Presents at Coalition for Global Hearing Health

October 25, 2019—The purpose of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health is to advocate for effective hearing health services and policies, to equip and empower hearing healthcare professionals, families, educators, communities and those with hearing loss, and to encourage and...[More]


Penny Gill, MED, 2017 Teacher of the Year at Clarke Northampton

"Penny is a very versatile teacher and has the advanced skills and experience that allow her to build connections with parents, children and collaborating professionals. She is fun, funny, creative and goes the extra mile." –Marian Hartblay, MAT, MED, LSLS Cert. AVEd, Director of Clarke Northampton

Penny Gill, MED, recipient of the 2017 Scott D. Fletcher “Teacher of the Year” award, currently works with children and families in Clarke Northampton’s Parent-Infant/Toddler program, and for the past few years has also worked with children in Mainstream settings. She has also been a classroom teacher and speech and communication specialist in Clarke Northampton’s Integrated Preschool Program.

Penny remembers meeting children with hearing loss for the first time while working at an Easter Seal Camp in New Hampshire almost 40 years ago. “This was long before cochlear implants, digital hearing aids and Universal Newborn Hearing Screening,” she recalls “Some of the kids used spoken language but most of them signed. I was awed by the way they figured out the world and by the ingenious ways they found to communicate. It was love at first sight! That summer, I started a journey that has been new and interesting, every day since.”

While working at camp each summer, Penny earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders at the University of New Hampshire. After college, Penny worked at a group home for women with developmental delays—all of whom were deaf—in Lynn, MA.

“Those women, and the staff that worked with them, gave me a crash course in everything related to deafness. As the only hearing person in the house, I soon took on the role of interpreter and pursued the Intensive Interpreter Training Program at Northeastern University. I worked as an interpreter in a variety of settings, including the medical field, college settings and social services. It was as an interpreter/aide in the Amherst Public Schools that I got my first taste of teaching. Here I found something that I was passionate about!”

Miss Penny, as her students call her, came to Clarke Northampton in the early 90s and earned her MED through the Clarke-Smith College graduate program collaboration (now the Clarke – Fontbonne Northeast Collaborative). In 2003, Miss Penny began working in Clarke Northampton’s Preschool Program. “Talk about the most fun job in the world!” Penny says. “I loved seeing the way the teachers used toys as props to help the children learn language!”

At Clarke, Penny has filled many crucial roles. She has been a preschool classroom teacher, a Listening and Spoken Language one-on-one teacher, an Early Interventionist and a mainstream itinerant teacher of the deaf.

“It’s been amazing to be a teacher of the deaf through some of the changes that have come about over the years,” says Penny. “The effects of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening, early use of hearing aids and cochlear implants and early intervention have been incredible to witness. Kids who are deaf or hard of hearing are able to do more now than ever before!”

She adds, “Parts of the job that I have loved the most have been supporting parents through the early days and months after learning that their child has a hearing loss; helping them to know that their child will amaze them; working with the wonderful people at Clarke; training student teachers and always—always—sharing the joys of childhood.”

Penny’s glowing reputation is hailed widely at Clarke Northampton and her colleagues were eager to chime in.

“Penny Gill has been a very successful Mainstream teacher of the deaf working directly with students with hearing loss in mainstream settings and providing consultation and training to the staff of these students. Her expertise in early childhood education was particularly beneficial to us with the young children transitioning from our preschool to mainstream settings. Families often felt reassured that there would be someone familiar with their child helping with the transition. Likewise, this knowledge and familiarity with the children meant that the staff of the receiving schools received the highest quality of support. Penny is a seasoned and effective educator who also has the skills to work with adults, whether parents or school staff.” –Claire Troiano, MED, OTC, Director of Clarke Mainstream Services and Educational Administrator of K-8 Program

As a colleague, Miss Penny is widely respected. She brings a broad and in-depth experience that she shares readily with other teachers. She has an inquisitive mind, a dedication and commitment to excellence, and an understanding that collaboration builds fortitude and momentum. This means that other teachers seek her out for an opinion, her ideas, advice, and her creativity. –Marian Hartblay, MAT, MED, LSLS Cert. AVEd, Director of Clarke Northampton

“Penny is a passionate, talented, dedicated and caring teacher of the deaf, greatly loved by her students and their families, in addition to those of us fortunate enough to know her. I have had the honor and pleasure to work closely with Penny over many years, watching her engage with students in her wonderful way. She is very attuned to each child’s individual needs and has a special talent for enabling parents to feel comfortable and understood. In addition, Penny’s artistic talent and warmth characterize her fine work. We in the Clarke community are very fortunate to count Penny among us.”

“We have really appreciated Clarke's support in meeting [a student]'s needs. In particular, I want to give a huge shout-out to Penny Gill, who has genuinely become part of the LES family. She helped all of us to understand more fully how to include the child successfully in all elements of the school day. What warmth and positivity she has brought every time she's come through the door! Thank you SO much for sending Penny our way!” -Margot Lacey, Principal at Leverett Elementary School