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Former Clarke Employee Wins ASHA Editor's Award

November 14, 2017—The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) honored former Clarke employee Frank Iglehart with the Editor's Award for the American Journal of Audiology.[More]

Honoring Trustees for their Service and Welcoming a New Addition to the Board

November 13, 2017—Clarke is honored to recognize Kevin Franck, PhD, Sara Grosvenor and Sharon McCarthy as they close out their terms with Clarke's Board of Trustees this fall. Kevin, the brother of a Clarke Alumna, joined the Board in 2011; Sara, Founder and President of The Alexander...[More]

Clarke Staff and Alumni Collaborate on Educational eBook

November 5, 2017—Thanks to the contributions from Clarke staff, Smith/Clarke alumni and Clarke Board Members, we are pleased to announce that the eBook Preparing to Teach, Committing to Learn: An Introduction to Educating Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, is now available...[More]

The 38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss Draws Hundreds of Professionals, Parents and Teens

November 1, 2017—Clarke Mainstream Services’ 38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss was a great success, drawing hundreds of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors from across the country. This year’s event was especially significant, as Clarke Schools for...[More]

October 3, 2015

Clarke to Host Day-Long Workshop in Pennsylvania

October 3, 2015—On October 9, Clarke Pennsylvania will host a day-long professional development workshop. Managing Your Listening and Spoken Language Professional Learning Dashboard: Technology, Technique and Temperament will be presented by guest speaker Mary Ellen Nevins, Ed.D., a Professor and the Director of Auditory-Based Intervention at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences/University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Nevins is an experienced teacher of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and the former Director of PPCI, a continuing education program for speech and hearing professionals housed at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Nevins is recognized as a national expert on the educational issues facing children who are deaf or hard of hearing especially those using listening technologies to learn to listen and talk. Register for the Workshop now!

What does it take for a speech and hearing professional to be a highly qualified interventionist for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and who are learning to use listening and spoken language for literacy and academic success?

This provocative and interactive learning experience will suggest that there are three essential spheres of knowledge over which a listening and spoken language professional must have command: technology, technique and temperament. This program is especially designed for the educator, speech language pathologist, audiologist or early interventionist who has amassed knowledge and skills about listening devices, auditory skill hierarchies and the facilitation of spoken language acquisition for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Professionals at any point in their professional learning, with the question: “Now what?” will have the opportunity to consolidate and clarify that which is known in order to create a personal learning plan that contributes to a vibrant and joyful career journey to improve outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. We also welcome family involvement in this professional learning day.

Held annually, Clarke Pennsylvania’s workshop series has attracted educators and therapists from throughout the country. Attendees for past workshops have come from as far as California, Ohio, and Maine. This continued growth and popularity is a testament to Clarke’s reputation as a leader in the fields of listening and spoken language development and teacher education. Visit our website to view other professional development opportunities.