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Former Clarke Employee Wins ASHA Editor's Award

November 14, 2017—The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) honored former Clarke employee Frank Iglehart with the Editor's Award for the American Journal of Audiology.[More]

Honoring Trustees for their Service and Welcoming a New Addition to the Board

November 13, 2017—Clarke is honored to recognize Kevin Franck, PhD, Sara Grosvenor and Sharon McCarthy as they close out their terms with Clarke's Board of Trustees this fall. Kevin, the brother of a Clarke Alumna, joined the Board in 2011; Sara, Founder and President of The Alexander...[More]

Clarke Staff and Alumni Collaborate on Educational eBook

November 5, 2017—Thanks to the contributions from Clarke staff, Smith/Clarke alumni and Clarke Board Members, we are pleased to announce that the eBook Preparing to Teach, Committing to Learn: An Introduction to Educating Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, is now available...[More]

The 38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss Draws Hundreds of Professionals, Parents and Teens

November 1, 2017—Clarke Mainstream Services’ 38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss was a great success, drawing hundreds of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors from across the country. This year’s event was especially significant, as Clarke Schools for...[More]

June 14, 2010

CBS 3 News Covers Clarke Mother-and-Son Graduates

Northampton, MA, June 14, 2010—Fourteen eighth graders graduated from the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech. Another twelve graduate students also received diplomas in teacher education. The class of 2010 was the first in the school's history to have a mother and son receive their diplomas on the same day.

Watch and listen to CBS 3 Springfield News story Mother & Son Team Graduate.

Download the TRANSCRIPT or read it below.

Transcript for CBS 3 News Report "Mother & Son Team Graduate"

(Janice Wolpert) When Jared started he had a very difficult time communicating orally. He spoke at about one to two word utterances. And when he enrolled at Clarke, within 10 months he was chattering like crazy and averaging ten to eleven words per sentence. And we just couldn’t get him to stop.

(Reporter) In just four years at the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, Jared Wolpert has made a lasting impression. The California native is now a star soccer player and one of the most popular students on campus.

(Jared Wolpert) I will miss them. I will be sad to leave the Clarke School, but I am very happy to go to high school.

(Reporter) Janice’s experience helping her son communicate, led her to enroll at Clarke with Jared. Now she is planning to go back to California to make a difference.

(Janice) When I return to California, I plan to use my knowledge to educate all of the families in our area that have children who are deaf and hard of hearing on their options.

(Reporter) Janice says seeing her son and his fellow classmates break through language barriers has been inspiring.

(Janice) Not only have I been Jared’s mother, but I’ve been these student’s teachers this year. So it’s a very emotional day. A great day.

(Reporter) Even though they are saying good-bye for now, they’ve built relationships that will last a lifetime.

(Teacher) Always competitive, always appreciative. Always a team player. He’s going to make it. No matter what.

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