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Clarke Welcomes New Board Chairs and Trustees as it Begins $600,000 Matching Grant Program

February 18, 2020—Clarke proudly announces Megan Cohen and Michael Straubel as Co-Chairs of its Board of Trustees. In addition, Clarke welcomes Julie Biron Maletz, Michael Budner and Andrew DeCastro to the Board.[More]

Clarke Celebrates World Read Aloud Day

February 5, 2020—World Read Aloud Day was founded in 2010 as an opportunity for people all around the globe to celebrate the joy of reading aloud, and advocate for literacy as a fundamental human right that belongs to everyone.[More]

Clarke Alumna Donates American Girl Dolls

February 4, 2020—Morgan, who was born deaf, began receiving services from Clarke at home when she was three months old. She then attended Clarke’s Early Intervention and Toddler Program and progressed so well that she was able to attend a mainstream preschool alongside her hearing...[More]

Registration is open! Clarke's Listening Walk at the Zoo Events

February 3, 2020—Join the Clarke community for listening scavenger hunts at three zoos this spring! [More]



“Before we came to Clarke, every single speech report we received for our daughter had the word delay in it. This year, the report was different. It said, Chloe’s on track. I can’t describe how happy I was to read those words.

Within a year of coming to Clarke, Chloe has become a completely different person. She started out very timid and anxious with new people, and in new situations she would often hide behind one of her parents or sit and observe other children playing rather than engage. Today, she is outgoing, strong, and able to communicate and advocate for herself. In the classroom, she is known to be a bit of a teacher’s pet and a social queen bee. And when asked about her implants, she’s very happy to explain how they work and how they help her hear. Clarke’s teachers, classroom assistants, speech therapists, and administration have all demonstrated tremendous dedication and personal attention. I can’t thank everyone enough for what they did for our family and for Chloe’s future.”

Read the full article about Chloe and her family on pages 14 and 15 of the spring issue of Clarke Speaks

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