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Clarke Jacksonville Students Enjoy New Playground

February 27, 2018—Clarke Jacksonville recently hosted a soft grand opening of a new playground! The Clarke Jacksonville team dreamed of renovating the school's wooden playground that was approximately 14 years old. During November 2016, Clarke began actively fundraising for a new and...[More]

Celebrating Cochlear Implant Awareness Day

February 20, 2018—Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech will recognize and celebrate Cochlear Implant Awareness Day on February 25. This global initiative celebrates technology that maximizes access to sound.[More]

Mainstream Summer Camp Opportunity for Students

February 1, 2018—During summer 2018, for the second year, the Frost Valley YMCA Summer Camp in Claryville, NY, and Clarke will provide programming for campers ages 8-15 who are deaf or hard of hearing ensuring their experience is rich and rewarding. Frost Valley is a pioneer in...[More]

39th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss: Call for Proposals Now Open

January 12, 2018—Clarke Mainstream Services is requesting proposals for the 39th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss. This year’s conference will once again include a full line-up of educational workshops and inspiring keynote speakers and will be held on...[More]

April 9, 2014

Salus University Audiology Students Fund and Create Clarke Care Kits

April 9, 2014—Last year when Salus University doctoral Audiology students visited Clarke Pennsylvania they were inspired by the students and staff. So much so, that they decided they wanted to help the school by providing a new supply of Clarke Care Kits.

The kits are distributed by early interventionists and audiologists along with information on each tool’s use and descriptions of how each tool improves the hearing aids’ functionality. The Clarke Care Kit includes a battery tester, dri-aid, tubing blower, and a listening tube. After raising and donating over $2,500, Salus University students provided the funding for 50 new Clarke Care Kits. Recently, students visited Clarke in Bryn Mawr to assemble the kits and they are now ready for distribution to Clarke's families. Clarke is grateful to their friends at Salus for providing these kits. They will give parents confidence that they are knowledgeable and able to care for their child’s hearing aids, and comfort in knowing their child is receiving the best access to sound possible at this time.