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Listen up! Clarke on Blog Talk Radio

August 21, 2019—Learn more about Clarke's 40th Conference on Mainstreaming Children with Hearing Loss on this episode of Education Talk Radio.[More]

View the Clarke Philadelphia Year-End Student Photos

August 7, 2019—Congratulations to Clarke Philadephia students moving up and moving on! [More]

Springfield Republican celebrates Clarke alumni

August 5, 2019—Throughout the spring and summer we congratulate many current and former Clarke students achieving academic milestones including twin brothers Torin and Tevin, who graduated from Pope Francis High School in Springfield, MA this year. They will attend UMass Amherst...[More]

Sensational Summer Camp

July 30, 2019—In July, Clarke concluded another successful Summer Camp for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.[More]



“At just a month old, Mira was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. She attended kindergarten and first grade at Clarke, which laid a foundation for language and instilled a sense of confidence in her.

"Now a third-grader in her hometown school, she is thriving academically and socially. In addition to reading, Mira loves to dance, and when she’s in class, her practice studio uses her school’s FM system. At school, Clarke Mainstream Services provides guidance to her speech pathologist and helps school staff understand how much work it is for Mira to learn to listen.

"When Mira gets invited to sleepovers, I am always amazed how she and her friends work together to make their games more inclusive. For instance, since Mira removes her implants while swimming, they all splash instead of shouting during Marco Polo. Our advice to parents: try not to get overwhelmed. Take it step by step, and use all the resources you have. We feel our daughter is getting just what she needs, and we couldn’t be happier!”

—Mike & Leah Filipkowski, Clarke Northampton parents

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