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January 15, 2014

Clarke Mainstream Teachers of the Deaf Will Present Two-Day Workshop in California

January 15, 2014—Clarke Mainstream Services has been invited to present a two-day workshop for the San Diego Unified School District on January 30 and 31, 2014. The workshop, “Students with Hearing Loss in Mainstream Settings: The Path of Success” gives an overview of the challenges students with cochlear implants and hearing aids face in terms of reading and literacy and how these challenges can impact learning in academic subjects.

It looks at how assessments and observations should guide teachers’ work with students. Focusing on the key areas of audition, communication, reading and writing and self-advocacy, participants analyze IEP goals and objectives and how they can be implemented in a collaborative manner supporting what happens in the classroom. Throughout the workshop, areas such as social pragmatics, maximizing the use of technology and building an awareness of one’s hearing loss, will be emphasized. This program is designed for itinerant teachers of the deaf, speech and language pathologists, regular classroom teachers, administrators and other professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing students who use listening and spoken language in mainstream settings and it covers a range of ages from preschool to high schools. If you are interested in learning how to bring a workshop such as this to your school district please contact Claire Troiano, Director of Clarke Mainstream Services at or call 413-582-1113.