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January 15, 2013

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech Requests Proposals for 34th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss

January 15, 2013—Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech is requesting proposals for the 34th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss to be held October 17-18, 2013 in Springfield, MA. This annual conference brings together educators, therapists, and parents for two days of workshops and sessions on the topic of educating students with hearing loss in mainstream classrooms.

Proposals are for mini-workshops, which are 90 minutes in length and offered in the morning (10:30-12 noon) and repeated in the afternoon (1:15-2:45). Priority will be given to presentations that offer practical suggestions and emphasize how service providers can collaborate to maximize outcomes for students. Proposals must be submitted no later than March 4, 2013.

This year’s conference theme is Building A Sound Future Together. Sample topics for proposals include how classroom teachers and speech language pathologists can work together to address IEP Goals, writing appropriate and measurable goals and objectives, working with children with multiple challenges (i.e. CAPD, autism, LD/ADHD, deaf/blind, etc.), the educational implications of auditory neuropathy, and transitioning from Early Intervention to a preschool program. Presentations should be of interest to classroom teachers, special education staff, speech language pathologists, teachers of the deaf, parents, or audiologists.

Proposals will be selected based on their content, suggested audience, age of student(s) being addressed and how it fits into the overall program. Proposals that demonstrate practical information and strategies applicable to school settings of preschool through high school age students are of particular interest. To submit a proposal, please visit