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December 7, 2012

Clarke Mainstream Services Publishes New Booklet on Hearing Loss in the Workplace

December 7, 2012—Clarke Mainstream Services is pleased to announce the publication of “Exploring Careers: Adults with Hearing Loss in the Workplace.” This compilation of ten profiles introduces young people with hearing loss to a world of career possibilities. The articles were originally featured in Mainstream Services’ newsletter, the Mainstream News, and written by Claire Blatchford. Blatchford worked as a writer for Clarke Mainstream Services from 2003-2011 and was responsible for the popular column “Swimming in the Mainstream."

The value of these profiles lies not only in the glimpses we get into a variety of careers, but in the different paths - and detours along the way - that led these young adults to their careers. What led a person with hearing loss to a certain career? Has the hearing loss affected the course of this career? If it has, how? What preparation was required for this kind of work? What advice might this person have for a student interested in a similar path? These are some of the questions Claire explores in her interviews.

Blatchford's very first “Swimming in the Mainstream” article described her hope to help young people with hearing loss “find themselves, their inner gifts and talents, and their way into the world.” “Exploring Careers: Adults with Hearing Loss in the Work Place” is sure to ignite conversation with students and encourage them to explore their own dreams for the future. Visit our store to purchase your copy today.