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Sunday, August 21, 2016

About The Race

Clarke is excited to be a Charity Partner in the 44th Annual New Balance Falmouth Road Race. The Falmouth Road Race is an annual seven-mile road race on Cape Cod from Woods Hole, a village in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, to Falmouth Heights. This year Clarke has five great team members participating! Our runners will be raising money to support Clarke so we can offer the best listening, learning, and spoken language services to children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

If you have any questions about supporting Clarke or if you would like to participate in future Clarke fundraising events contact Erin McKenney in the Development Office at 781.821.6694 x2226 or

About Our Runners

Chris Gallant

2011 was the last time I set out to run a marathon event, and it just so happened to be my best year. It was also the same year Cait was born and we learned of her hearing loss. Not so surprising now, running had moved to the back burner and further learning of Cait's loss and focussing on early speech development became a priority.

August 2015 was the first time I would set back out on the road again to run for Clarke in the Falmouth Road Race. It was brutal. Amazing what happens to the body after being so conditioned in the past. In July, just prior to that race we learned of a further loss in Cait's left ear. What had been known as the better of her two ears, now became her worse. Knowing early her loss could be progressive we could only hoped it wouldn't change, but it did.

On October 26 Cait received her cochlear implant. She was activated/ 'turned on' December 5th. With the support from those at Clarke, and of course a little help from mom and dad, the whole experience of surgery and the activation of her processor seemed to be a very smooth transition.

We are almost seven months out from the point of her activation and she only continues to progress in word recognition and development.

Cait will be mainstreaming this coming September; she's moving on to kindergarten. Although nerve racking it is also exciting. Knowing the support from Clarke will still be there makes it somewhat easier for us to handle Cait transitioning. She has done incredible until this point and we can only see great things to come.

As for running NYC (and yes Falmouth again)... well I kind of see this as a way of saying thank you to those who supported us the last five years. Faces come and faces go but the memories and experiences of what we have experienced at Clarke will continue on. While trying to regain a part of my past which I enjoyed so much, I am also trying to use it as a way to pay it forward.

Thank you Clarke for your support and hopefully we'll see you at the finish line.

Additionally, thank you to those taking the time out to read a brief story and donate to/support a great organization.

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Greg Power

When my wife and I found out last October our daughter had severe hearing loss in both ears, we were devastated. She hadn’t been speaking much and was a “spirited” child but she had passed her hearing tests so it never dawned on us that her hearing was impaired which made it quite a shock to find out that she would need hearing aids and that it was not a reversible deficit.

After we blamed ourselves for a while we found the Clarke School and realized that we needed to stop worrying about what could have been and start focusing on what will be; which is a little girl who is thriving at the Clarke School. With their focus on teaching children how to listen and talk with the latest technology, we have seen a huge improvement with Josie’s ability to communicate with us and the world.

Because I want the best for my child, and any child who is deaf or hard of hearing, I am running in support of Clarke School.

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Julie Rowe

Julie RoweWhen my daughter Beatrix failed her hearing test immediately after she was born, I was told not to worry because that was a common outcome that probably didn't mean anything. A month later, when she failed her next hearing test, it was quite a different story. We learned that she had a complete loss of hearing in her left ear, and potentially other problems as well due to cytomegalovirus. While we were managing her course of strong antiviral drugs, which fortunately kept the virus from progressing, we also sought help and clarity for her hearing loss.

By the time we moved to the Boston suburbs two years later, we had an impish little gal with chubby cheeks and a fun sense of humor - and an active participant in the Clarke School's toddler program. Miss Katie, her Teacher of the Deaf, and Miss Sarah, her music therapist, were the greatest, most welcoming, sweet and kind teachers one could hope for. Beatrix had just received a new hearing device for unilateral deafness and the Clarke School was able to help me get Beatrix used to wearing it and hearing with it. My daughter enjoyed being with other kids who, like her, wore "stuff" on their heads to help hear.

Because Clarke takes a "family" approach, Miss Katie was kind enough to accompany me to two IEP meetings in our school district and help get speech and language services for her. The love and support has paid off - Beatrix speaks very well now and is quite adept with her device. Clarke has helped me feel very confident that Beatrix is ready to meet all challenges in public school kindergarten in the fall. I am proud to be running to support them.

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Paul Stechenfinger

I have to say that when my wife and I found out our son Asher was deaf we were devastated. Not knowing what the future may hold for our son scared us to no end but we knew, in that moment, that we would give our son the best care, services and schooling possible. After living in Arizona for the past thirteen years my wife and I decided to move back home to Massachusetts and give our son the best schooling possible, and that school was Clarke. We knew that to give our son the best we had to sacrifice a great deal! Asher has only been at Clarke for a few months but his transformation has been truly amazing! The teachers, faculty and staff are a blessing to our family and Asher has blossomed since being enrolled at Clarke, and he continues to amaze us each and every day. I can honestly say that all of the sacrifice and hard work has truly paid off and we have Clarke school to thank! I run because I love it, I run for Clarke because I love the school and I love what it represents. Clarke represents hope and it represents a loving, caring and dedicated atmosphere for all children affected with hearing loss. To see how Clarke has changed my family’s life drives me to want to tell others about this amazing school and the good they do each and every day! Join me and my family in supporting Clarke school for the Falmouth Road Race Saturday August 21, 2016!

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Chris Cuddy

Photo and Bio Coming Soon!

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