When Emily Hewlings was an infant, her family suspected very early on that she had a hearing loss. “We had a couple of pretty loud dogs,” said her father, David, “and Emily would never wake up when they barked.” Tracy Boland has identical twin boys. And although one is hearing and one is deaf, they’ve been in school together since their very first day of preschool. Boland credits Clarke’s Katie Jennings as an immeasurable part of her son Will’s success. Eight-year-old Nura is a tournament-level chess player who also loves to shoot baskets for hours on end. A future ornithologist, she recites the names of her favorite birds with the same zest as most kids do their favorite ice cream flavors. Listening to Nura sing the lyrics to one of her... Chimaza passed his newborn hearing screening, but at 20 months he wasn’t talking. Concerned, his mother, Christiana, had her son evaluated for speech and language services. At 23 months, Chimaza was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss. At 24 months, he was fitted with hearing aids. When... “Before we came to Clarke, every single speech report we received for our daughter had the word delay in it. This year, the report was different. It said, Chloe’s on track. I can’t describe how happy I was to read those words. When Birch was diagnosed with unilateral microtia/atresia (a malformed outer ear and closed ear canal, resulting in a severe conductive hearing loss) at birth, his parents joined a group made up of families with children who had a similar diagnosis. During the first picnic hosted by the group,... JennyKate Marble was initially introduced to the field of deaf education while an undergraduate at Smith College. A class with Dr. Janice Gatty, Clarke’s Director of Child and Family Services, left a lasting impression. “Many of the videos shown in Jan’s class were of Clarke students. And I... Currently, there are only ten certified athletic trainers with hearing loss in the entire country. Clarke alum, Grady Congleton, is looking forward to becoming the eleventh. “As a baby, my son Jerome always loved music—he was even humming tunes at ten months old! At two years old, Jerome was hitting all of his other development milestones, but he wasn't talking. Because Jerome passed a hearing screening at birth, we didn't learn of his condition—sensorineural... “At just a month old, Mira was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss in both ears. She attended kindergarten and first grade at Clarke, which laid a foundation for language and instilled a sense of confidence in her. Sarah Ammerman, M.E.D., Ph.D., never thought she would end up at the Smith College/Clarke School Graduate Program in Teacher Education. But the minute she stepped into her first classroom with children with hearing loss, her mind was made up. “We were very nervous when Zachary began first grade in a mainstream school. But within the first few days his teacher called to tell me how impressed she was with Zach. Olga Corral Carrillo is from a little village in the Galicia region of Spain. Currently, she is living in Northampton, Massachusetts, working towards a Masters Degree in Deaf Education through a program offered jointly through Smith College and Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.
Torin, age 9, recently scored in the highest category when he took the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) test.  Pee-wee football athlete, spelling bee champion, and hall monitor are just a few examples of Torin’s growing list of achievements. To gain access to sound, most Clarke students use cochlear implants, which bypass damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve. However, for five-year-old Jorden Flowers, who was born without auditory nerves, cochlea and ear canals, a cochlear implant was impossible. Olivia’s deafness was discovered when she was two-years-old. Olivia was a bright and social child but could not speak, and for a while her family did not know what was wrong. Initial test results were inconclusive, but eventually Olivia was diagnosed as profoundly deaf and received a cochlear... James Barden of Huntington, Massachusetts lost his hearing at 13 ½ months after a near-fatal battle with pneumococcal meningitis. Despite his positive recovery from the illness, he quickly became frustrated with his lack of ability to communicate. “He became an angry little kid who would... Uma Gokhale Soman, born in Pune, India, graduated from the Smith College/Clarke Graduate Program in Teacher Education in 2003, but her first teaching role model was her mother. Uma’s mother trained to be a teacher of the deaf after Uma’s younger sister was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss. Eva DeLeo still tears up when she talks about her two-and-a-half year old daughter Bella. Julia’s hearing loss was diagnosed just before her second birthday, and she had received a cochlear implant by her third. Julia’s mother Elena considered several educational options for Julia, but after visiting Clarke’s Boston campus, the decision was easy.